Strategic Brand Management by IMM

Strategic Brand Management

In a marketplace saturated with products and services to suit every taste and every consumer, from a chic young urbanite who knows what he wants to an aunty who won’t budge in her brand loyalty, your brand needs an identity strong enough to stand out from the crowd. Strategic Brand Management adds value to an organisation’s products or services by creating a unique identity in the marketplace. This signature identity, or “brand stamp” if you like, allows a company to differentiate itself from its competitors and communicate its message and positioning in a consistent, integrated way.

What you will learn:

  • The concept of Strategic Brand Management and its importance, relevance and advantages
  • The concept of brand equity and brand value and how to measure it
  • The lifetime value of brand loyalty
  • The brand identity development process and brand positioning
  • How to craft a brand positioning statement and value proposition
  • How to reach, create and communicate a positioning map
  • How the three brand components of identity, image and personality are built over time
  • The launch process for a new brand, the most effective media choices for the introductory campaign and how to track the market penetration of a new brand
  • The main growth strategies of established brands and their importance, advantages and influences
  • How brand architecture establishes the optimal inter-relationships of brands within a single company
  • The process of brand extension and the degree to which a brand can be extended
  • How umbrella brands work, how co-branding works and when to shift to a new brand
  • The concept of global brands, how brands adapt to foreign markets and the role the internet plays in brand globalisation
  • The risks and benefits of foreign brand licensing and the differences between brand equity at home and abroad
  • The brand acquisition process, its strategy, influencing factors and the way a firm structures its brand portfolio
  • How the same components that build product brands can be applied to national brands and personal brands

Where this course could take you: 

Here are some career opportunities this short course will help you work towards:

  • Brand Manager
  • Strategist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Account Executive
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager