Specialist Certification in Digital Marketing Associate – Damelin

Certified in Digital Marketing Assocaite – Damelin

This digital marketing course has been developed by digital marketing professionals and practitioners and provides you with key concepts of digital, how it has changed customer behaviour and the implications for your role and the wider business. You will be provided with the tools and skills to put a digital marketing strategy into action and drive success for your business.



MODULE 1 | Week 2
Foundations of Digital

MODULE 2 | Week 3
Web and Email

MODULE 3 | Week 4
Social Media

MODULE 4 | Week 5
Social Customer Service

MODULE 5 | Week 6
Challenges and Risks

MODULE 6 | Week 7
Digital Mindset

About this course

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly indispensable in all business sectors. More and more, businesses have to be mindful of their online presence, and proactive in assuring that they implement innovative digital marketing strategies.

This programme, developed by the Digital Marketing Institute, offers individuals the opportunity to improve their skills in creating and implementing a successful digital marketing strategy. During this course, they will gain valuable insight into the importance of digital marketing to the success of any business.

To achieve certification as a Certified Digital Marketing Associate, you must successfully complete a 1-hour computer-based exam. Here some tips for exam preparation:

  • Review the topic content, replaying any topics that you find complex or difficult
  • Make your own study notes and refer back to them frequently
  • Use the interactive quizzes and practical exercises to check your progress and as a convenient revision tool to practice and recall what you have learned
  • Watch the ‘Pearson Test Centres – What to Expect’ video
  • Review the Exam Information document, the Exam Booking Process document, and Pearson VUE Exam Regulations

The Pearson VUE test voucher is included in your course fee.