Social Media Marketing by Vega

More about this course:

This short course covers
  • Background to social media
  • The state of social media in SA
  • Localising media for SA and Africa
  • Consumption patterns
  • Analytics in social media
  • ROI and how to benchmark
  • Conversion strategies
  • Social media policy implementation
  • Advertising on social media
  • Trendjacking
  • Employee amplification
  • Events and social media
  • Writing for social media
  • Social media and customer service
  • Playbook development

*In the case of insufficient registrations, or other unforeseen circumstances, Vega reserves the right, at any time, to either postpone or cancel any Short Course.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become the catchall phrase for anything that doesn’t ‘fit’ into the paid or owned categories of digital spaces. In effect, social now refers to earned media, all channels where the legitimacy of what you say, how you say it, and who backs you up, is of utmost importance. It’s a hard sell, it requires a dedicated and fine-tuned understanding of markets, shifts, trend forecasting and solid customer feedback. How can we look at social media holistically? How can we refine its role within a brand message? And how can we turn social media into an omni-channel offering, leveraging earned and owned data? We explore this in detail in this short social media marketing course and ask the questions, which continually and regularly need to be asked and assessed by brands.

Who should attend

The course is aimed at individuals who are marketing managers, social media managers, brand managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, PR professionals, communication managers and marketing professionals.