Sales and Digital Marketing by DSM

Sales and digital marketing Course

Research has shown that applying contemporary sales management techniques and digital marketing is a winning formula for any sales manager or sales team to have under their belt.

This means that as a business, you need to be translating your sales and marketing processes into the online space so that you can take advantage of this style in which customers are choosing to transact.

The Digital School of Marketing’s (DSM’s) Sales and Marketing Course will teach you how to take the leads which are generated from your digital marketing efforts and translate these into tangible sales for your business.

How you will benefit in your career

  • The course will empower you how to successfully prospect, generate and nurture leads from digital platforms and turn them into paying customers with new and improved techniques.
  • The Sales and Marketing Course will teach you how to acquire new leads and turn them into paying customers using new Sales and
  • Marketing techniques designed for the digital era.
    Learn to successfully manage a sales team using technology and cutting edge digital marketing techniques.

What you’ll learn:

  • Prospect and nurture sales leads
  • Implement a Sales and Digital Marketing strategy
  • Build a sales funnel successfully
  • Sales forecasts, budgets and pricing strategies
  • Incorporate paid advertising in your business
  • Sales planning and recruitment
  • Incorporating technology in sales
  •  Leadership, management and compensation in sales
  • Customer service evaluation in a sales environment
  • Combining Sales and Digital Marketing in Business Today