People Management by Red&Yellow

People Management Short Course

In the 21st Century, the human component is what will define companies that thrive and innovate, and provide the competitive edge. This 10-week course is for leaders and managers who don’t want to take on HR roles; but do want to know how to attract, nurture, manage and retain top talent. Learn about best practices and new ways of recognising and valuing people at work, along with practical ways for positively influencing human behaviour.

This course is perfect for:

  • Organisations who understand that people’s expectations of how they work, and who they work for are very different now; requiring new approaches and thinking.
  • Individuals who want to manage and lead their teams more effectively and productively
  • Small businesses too small for a dedicated ‘people person’, but still have to manage ‘people needs’
  • Entrepreneurs who want the skills to create incredible cultures and attract the very best talent


This course consists of 8 comprehensive modules covering all the critical theory, together with assignments that not only ensure you embed the knowledge, but can also learn how to apply and implement in real life

  • Module 1: Managing people in the era of Innovation
  • Module 2: People, organisations and behaviour
  • Module 3: Strategic HR for the Agile Organisation
  • Module 4: Talent attraction and selection
  • Module 5: Job design for a learning organisation
  • Module 6 The employee value proposition
  • Module 7: Performance, development and succession
  • Module 8: Employee wellbeing


This 10-week course teaches you to:

  • Understand how to balance the complexities of individual quirks, cultural diversity and organisational behaviours to create a culture that works for all stakeholder needs
  • Design career paths, processes and workflows that support a learning – rather than a ‘stagnant’ – organisation
  • Be aware of the labour laws that govern South African companies, and the resulting implications for employers
  • Be cognisant of the entire ‘people’ journey. Not only how to attract, evaluate and select top talent … but also to create a culture that enables and supports retention and engagement
  • Respect the importance of ‘soft’ skills, not only ‘hard’; and equip you with the ability to identify, recognise and develop these essential human characteristics
  • Truly value the critical role that internal teams’ play in bringing the brand to life and creating consistent, credible differentiation
  • Lead and manage teams to ensure not only alignment with, and delivery on, brand promise – but also genuine advocacy from the people that make it happen. Changing the adage, “happy staff (= people with a vested interested in improvements, innovation and success) – happy customers
  • Learn essential human skills that are going to become increasingly-important career differentiators in the AI-led 21st Century