Media Management by Red&Yellow

Media Management Short Course

Growing brands with strategic, integrated communication channels
Find out who your audience is, how to reach them, the best mix of channels for the best possible results from your media communications, and implement post-campaign feedback and optimisation.

This course was developed to help media and marketing teams understand the value of an integrated channel approach to marketing, with input from our full-time Marketing and Advertising Communications lecturer, Di Charton.

Consumers don’t separate digital, physical and broadcast touchpoints, and evaluate them as such – they regard them as proof points or deal breakers on a journey that either ends with brand loyalty (and commercial success) or disappointment

This course is perfect for:

  • Anyone who works in any form of advertising or marketing communications,  or anyone who intends getting into the field.


  • It’s essential for anyone involved in media planning, marketing communications, advertising and related fields.


The course includes 8 practical modules and assignments, as well as a final research project:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the media landscape
  • Module 2: Marketing channel management
  • Module 3: Audience
  • Module 4: Crafting a strategy
  • Module 5: “Traditional” advertising
  • Module 6: Online advertising
  • Module 7: Managing media projects
  • Module 8: Evaluation and optimisation


You’ll learn:

  • The pros and cons of traditional and digital media channels
  • What constitutes a robust media strategy
  • Why it is so important to segment and understand your audience
  • How to measure, optimise and report on performance
  • How to understand the role of the various channels
  • The importance of an integrated approach, defining the audience, and how best to connect with them
  • How to measure performance and to ascertain cost versus value