Entrepreneurial Thinking by Red&Yellow

Entrepreneurial Thinking Short Course

A 10-week course, exclusive to Red & Yellow, to equip the innovators of the future with the knowledge, skills and know-how to transform entrepreneurial thinking and disruptive ideas into sustainable businesses. It’s everything you need to know to get a new business off the ground – whether it’s your first startup or a new initiative with your existing organisation.

This course is perfect for:

  • Individuals wanting to start their own business
  • Start-ups who want to scale up, but need the business acumen
  • Progressive organisations wanting to take their business to the next level.  This course will give the team responsible for changing the business radical ways of thinking innovatively and the know-how to bring the ideas to life effectively.


This course consists of 8 comprehensive modules covering all the critical theory, together with assignments that not only ensure you embed the knowledge but can also apply it to your specific situation. The intention is that at the end of the course, all the assignments combine to form a robust business plan that you can take to market.

  • Module 1: Essence of entrepreneurship and design thinking
  • Module 2: Branding and marketing
  • Module 3: Driving sales success
  • Module 4: Strategy and finance
  • Module 5: Effective leadership
  • Module 6: Business models and plans
  • Module 7: Landing a successful pitch
  • Module 8: Encouraging an Innovative Workplace


8 modules that will teach you:

  • How to understand entrepreneurial mindsets
  • How to build marketplace credibility
  • Why products fail and how to define your customers
  • How to finance a startup
  • How to build a great team
  • How to create a business plan
  • How to create a winning pitch deck