Digital Content & Copywriting by Red&Yellow

Digital Content & Copywriting Short Course

Content is a critical part of any marketing strategy, and businesses that fail to recognise its importance will be left behind. The 10-week Digital Content and Copywriting course covers the strategic copywriting and content creation skills necessary to plan, create and implement an effective digital content strategy.

This course is perfect for:

  • Copywriters who want to learn how to write for the web
  • Aspiring content marketerstraditional marketers and entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners who rely on content to promote their brand
  • Community Managers


The course is made up of 8 practical modules:

  • Module 1: An Introduction to Digital Content
  • Module 2: The Basics
  • Module 3: Content Planning
  • Module 4: Copywriting Basics
  • Module 5: Copywriting for Media
  • Module 6: Community Management
  • Module 7: Managing Up
  • Module 8: Optimisation


You’ll be able to:

  • Understand your online audiences, where they are, what they want and how to engage with them.
  • Learn how to create engaging content that generates a true value exchange with your customers
  • Become proficient at managing communities effectively
  • Produce a portfolio of various content types like podcasts, blogs, web copy, social media content etc