Digital Brand Stategy by Vega

More about this course:

Who should join:

This course is aimed at brand managers, marketing managers, marketing executives, small business owners, entrepreneurs, IT managers and others considering a career in digital marketing and brand building. These individuals will have an interest in the strategic aspects of digital communication

How will I benefit:

This short course will enhance your ability to integrate digital strategy into your brand building and marketing. You will be equipped with an understanding of the practical and tactical elements of digital strategy and will be equipped with the skills required to:

  • Utilise digital tools, platforms and data effectively
  • Create social media strategies to meet business objectives
  • Create a content marketing plan for brand building
  • Effectively consider Google advertising and search engine optimisation
  • Obtain consumer and marketing insights through analytical platforms and opinion mining
  • Optimise utilisation of mobile, email and applications
  • Manage and control online reputation and crises

*In the case of insufficient registrations, or other unforeseen circumstances, Vega reserves the right, at any time, to either postpone or cancel any Short Course.

Brand strategy Short course

Vega has partnered with the digital industry to design a digital marketing course intended for those responsible for developing or implementing a powerful online brand building and marketing strategy in an interactive and dynamic digital economy where brand development is constantly changing. The programme gives students access to the latest methods, tools and techniques for improving an organisation’s digital marketing and introduces both strategic and tactical elements.

Industry support:

The course material was developed in collaboration with Mike Saunders of DigitLab, a preferred Google partner, IAB member and one of South Africa’s most respected digital communication agencies. DigitLab works with a wide range of globally recognised FMCG brands, as well as brands such as Huletts, Growthpoint, Nedbank, Alexander Forbes and City Lodge. Local teams from Snapchat, Twitter, Rocketseed and Waze also made a highly valued contribution to the course content.

This short course covers:
  • Brand building in a dynamic digital economy
  • Digital stakeholder engagement
  • Development of digital strategy
  • Implementation of digital tactics