Advanced Digital Marketing by DSM

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

The Advanced Digital Marketing Course will give you everything you need to succeed in the corporate world of marketing and advertising. On completion of this course, you will be able to develop and execute a solid digital marketing strategy.

This Digital Marketing Course offers you a wide spectrum of relevant modules that are accredited and hyper-relevant within the context of online marketing.

Who is this course suited for? 

  • Working professionals wanting to upskill themselves in digital marketing
  • Individuals wanting to enter the corporate job sector of marketing and advertising
  • Existing Marketing and Advertising professionals looking for an edge in the working environment

Accreditation and Endorsements:

  • CPD services body of the United Kingdom
  • 60 CPD points with SABPP
  • Digital School of Marketing is a member of the IAB.

* Digital School of Marketing is BEE compliant

What you will learn: 

  • Search Engine Optimisation – Advanced knowledge on SEO techniques and how to analyse your web analytics.
  • Paid (PPC) – Best practice on how to design search and display paid advertising on Google’s advertising platform.
  • Social Media Marketing – How to design relevant social media campaigns to capture your target market on a variety of social media channels.
  • Email Marketing – How to design and segment an e-mail campaign which will capture leads.
  • Mobile Marketing – How to use your target market user behaviour to create mobile marketing advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy – how to build a holistic campaign bringing in all elements of digital marketing to work with your business objectives and strategy.
  • Digital Copy Writing – How to design advertising and marketing copy to suit your target markets and capture attention.
  • Content Marketing – How to design different pieces of content marketing copy that suit your specific target audience.
  • Marketing Strategy – How to use each digital channel strategically within a business context.
  • Project management – How to manage and run large teams of projects to generate good results.
  • Marketing Management – Marketing management communication concepts that are fundamental to any marketing campaign.
  • Brand Management Principles – Learn the principles of successfully managing a brand.
  • Public Relations – Fundamentals of Digital Public Relationship Principles.